100 : 25 : 1

2–30 November 2015

100 musicians performing duets
across 25 concerts
all connected by 1 person

2–30 November 2015
83 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Melbourne’s live music scene is one of the best in the world. One reason for the strength of musical expression to emerge from Melbourne comes from the diversity and flexibility of its musicians to work across different scenes. One musician who exemplifies this is woodwind multi-instrumentalist Adam Simmons. During November 2015, Adam will perform 25 concerts with four duets per night with 100 different musicians from rock/pop, jazz, experimental, world, folk, blues, classical, electronica and more.

In addition, Adam will be joined by sound engineer Myles Mumford and Associate Professor John Fitzgerald in creating an installation during the month, illustrating the ways in which the various artists all connect. Myles will be  recordings all performances and these will be made available online. This is the beginning of a larger research project for University of Melbourne to create a Melbourne Music Map.



"One of this country's most electrifying instrumentalists,
Adam Simmons defies classification"
– Leon Gettler

Adam Simmons is one of Australia's most prolific and varied artists, whether as an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist performing in a myriad of ensembles, creator of his unique musical sculptures or specialised educator in improvisation, instrumental technique and shakuhachi.

At 100:25:1, Adam will perform 25 concerts with four duets per night with 100 different musicians from rock/pop, jazz, experimental, world, folk, blues, classical, electronica and more.

Adam covers a wide range of sounds and genres – from piccolo to contrabass clarinet, from screaming, bluesy tenor sax to meditative sounds of shakuhachi, death metal to swing, musician to sculptor. Since graduating from VCA in 1992, Adam has steadily worked in Melbourne with influential groups such as bucketrider (thrash/punk/free jazz), The Pearly Shells (big band swing), BOLT Ensemble (new music), Compared to What (funk/acid jazz), Bennetts Lane Big Band (contemporary big band), Nick Tsiavos Ensemble and the Australian Art Orchestra, as well as the likes of Spiderbait, Kutcha Edwards, The Mavis’s, You Am I, Gotye, Greg and Murray of the Wiggles, and somehow ended up on a Katie Noonan CD without even knowing it!


Myles Mumford is a well known Melbourne Record Producer and Engineer and will be recording the entire 100:25:1 concert series.  His work has been extensive across all mediums of music creation from the Avant Garde to Pop by way of Jazz, Indie, Rock and more.  He is especially known for his musical and collaborative approach to recording, and his ability to create a sense of presence and space.  His experience in experimental sound art and the theatre inspires many of the unusual methods Myles utilises to capture the essence of artists’ performance and informs the interaction of art and technology in the recording process.  His productions can be heard all over Australian radio regularly receiving critical acclaim, feature single, feature album or album of the week in a variety of contemporary media.


Associate Professor John Fitzgerald (School of Social and Political Sciences) will be coordinating the collection of data regarding artist performance networks,  in order to then create an online visualisation of the interconnections between the artists. Professor Fitzgerald, is an award winning academic skilled in engaging stakeholders from different sectors to form productive partnership projects. He has two PhDs, one in neuroscience and a second in cultural studies. His research focusses on the lived experience and cultural significance of psychoactive substance use, ranging across hallucinogenics, to stimulants, injectable opiates and alcohol. He has disciplinary expertise in ethnography, social science research methods, continental philosophy, discourse analysis and health promotion. John has received numerous research grants from national funding bodies and has worked internationally assisting with health training and policy development. John has an active media profile appearing on TV and radio as an expert commentator on matters relating to alcohol, tobacco, healthy eating and healthy urban planning strategies. Currently A/Prof. Fitzgerald is leading a larger project in partnership with University of Melbourne to build a Melbourne Musicians Map, which can then be analysed in a quantifiable way to better understand and identify the way Melbourne’s musicians connect.